Deut. 32:34 KJV (With Strong’s)

Is not this laid upk in store
kamac (Hebrew #3647)
to store away, i.e. (figuratively) in the memory
KJV usage: lay up in store.
Pronounce: kaw-mas'
Origin: a primitive root
with me, and sealed up
chatham (Hebrew #2856)
to close up; especially to seal
KJV usage: make an end, mark, seal (up), stop.
Pronounce: khaw-tham'
Origin: a primitive root
among my treasures
'owtsar (Hebrew #214)
a depository
KJV usage: armory, cellar, garner, store(-house), treasure(-house) (-y).
Pronounce: o-tsaw'
Origin: from 686

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J. N. Darby Translation

Is not this hidden with me, Sealed up among my treasures?