Ephesians and Colossians: Comparison Between Two Epistles

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These epistles both treat of the Church united to Christ, as being His body. But the epistle to the Colossians goes rather to unfold the perfection of the Head than to show the privileges of the body, while the epistle to the Ephesians does the reverse. The Ephesians being well grounded in faith and holding fast the truth of their union with Christ, the Holy Ghost could unfold to them the great privileges derived from that union. The Colossians, on the contrary, needed to be established in the faith and to be shown Christ in His fullness, Head of the Church. Thus the two subjects are complete, and present at once to us both the perfection of the Head, and the privileges of the body.
In the epistle to the Ephesians the Church, being in a good state, is seen on high in its position in 97
Christ, and from there looking down contemplates what God is doing and going to do. In Colossians Paul shows rather what is on high, directs the Christian's gaze upward, showing him the perfection of Christ, and the hope which is reserved for him in heaven. This position of the Christian awaiting the heavenly glory resembles a little that given him in the course where we see him pressing toward the mark. In this respect the subject of the Colossians approaches that of the Philippians. The two aspects of the Christian's position explains another difference remarked between Ephesians and Colossians.
In one Paul says, Christ shall appear; in the other he does not speak of His return. The Ephesians
are seen as being already on high.
Son of the Father hail! Son of God eternal!
Jesus, the sinner's Friend, whose favor knows no end;
Love made Thee condescend, with man to make abode,
And through Thy precious blood, we're now brought nigh to God.
Thee, Savior-Lord we bless—our Lord Jesus!
Full of truth and power; Highly-blessed,
Blessed, evermore!