Full of Christ

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
I do not know that if anyone wanted to be to the praise of God, he could do it better than by being full of Christ. I meet some aged saints full of Christ, saying, "I've done with this world, but I have Christ. The only thing I have got to speak of is what this Christ of God is-He is All." I do not believe anything is better than that. If I look around me, I see in saints, not want of intelligence, not lack of knowledge, not want of activity, but what they lack is the affections full of Christ. There is plenty of oil in the machine that is full of Christ. If the heart is full of Christ, and full of joy in the Holy Ghost, then we have got our other portion, our real portion. The early Christians were so full of Christ that all their trials, all their difficulties, sank down into nothing. Why is it not so with us?