Boyd’s Bible Dictionary:

(gracious). (1) Head of the 18th temple course (1 Chron. 25:4,254Of Heman: the sons of Heman; Bukkiah, Mattaniah, Uzziel, Shebuel, and Jerimoth, Hananiah, Hanani, Eliathah, Giddalti, and Romamti-ezer, Joshbekashah, Mallothi, Hothir, and Mahazioth: (1 Chronicles 25:4)
25The eighteenth to Hanani, he, his sons, and his brethren, were twelve: (1 Chronicles 25:25)
). (2) A seer (2 Chron. 16:7-107And at that time Hanani the seer came to Asa king of Judah, and said unto him, Because thou hast relied on the king of Syria, and not relied on the Lord thy God, therefore is the host of the king of Syria escaped out of thine hand. 8Were not the Ethiopians and the Lubims a huge host, with very many chariots and horsemen? yet, because thou didst rely on the Lord, he delivered them into thine hand. 9For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars. 10Then Asa was wroth with the seer, and put him in a prison house; for he was in a rage with him because of this thing. And Asa oppressed some of the people the same time. (2 Chronicles 16:7‑10)). (3) A priest (Ezra 10:2020And of the sons of Immer; Hanani, and Zebadiah. (Ezra 10:20)). (4) Brother of Nehemiah (Neh. 1:2; 7:22That Hanani, one of my brethren, came, he and certain men of Judah; and I asked them concerning the Jews that had escaped, which were left of the captivity, and concerning Jerusalem. (Nehemiah 1:2)
2That I gave my brother Hanani, and Hananiah the ruler of the palace, charge over Jerusalem: for he was a faithful man, and feared God above many. (Nehemiah 7:2)

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Strong’s Dictionary of Hebrew Words:

from 2603; gracious; Chanani, the name of six Israelites
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Jackson’s Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names:

my grace: gracious

Potts’ Bible Proper Names:

He has graciously given me:―name of six Israelites, 1 Chron. 25:4. {Gratiose donavit me}