Lots of People Like Him

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A friend of mine told me some years ago that his wife was very fond of painting, but that for a long time he never could see any beauty in her paintings. They all looked like a daub to him. One day his eyes troubled him, and he went to see an optometrist. The man looked in amazement at him, and said, “You have what we call a short eye and a long eye, and that makes everything a blur.”
He gave him some glasses that just fitted him, and then he could see clearly. Then he understood why it was that his wife was so carried away with art, and he went and built an art gallery, and filled it full of beauti­ful things, because everything looked so beautiful after he had had his eyes straightened out.
Now there are lots of people that have a long eye and a short eye, and they make miserable work of their Christian life. They keep one eye on the eternal city and the other eye on the well-watered plains of Sodom and they have no happiness and enjoyment in either.