Man’s Idea of Grace

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Men talk about grace, but, as a rule, they know very little about it. Let a business man go to one of your bankers to borrow a few hundred dollars for sixty or ninety days; if he is well able to pay, the banker will perhaps lend him the money if he can get another responsible man to sign the note with him. They give what they call “three days’ grace” after the sixty or ninety days have expired; but they will make the bor­rower pay interest on the money during these three days. If he does not return principal and interest at the appointed time, they will sell his goods; they will per­haps turn him out of his house, and take the last piece of furniture in his possession.
That is not grace at all, but that fairly illustrates man’s idea of it. Grace not only frees you from pay­ment of the interest, but of the principal also. The grace of God frees us from the penalty of our sin without any payment on our part. Christ has paid the debt, and all we have to do is to believe on Him for our salvation.