Never Perish

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 8
“Never perish!” words of mercy,
Coming from the lips of One
Who, though here a homeless stranger,
Fills the high eternal throne:
Brightness of the Father’s glory,
God and man in One combined;
Faithful Shepherd of the chosen,
Safe are those to Him assigned.
“Never perish!” words of sweetness,
Dissipating every fear;
Filling all with joy and gladness,
Who the Shepherd’s voice can hear;
Bringing richest consolation
To the soul fatigued, oppressed;
Sweet refreshment to the fainting,
And to weary spirits rests.
“Never perish!” words of power;
Satan now I can defy;
Safe my soul beyond my keeping,
Hid with Christ in God on high.
Come what will, I’m safe forever—
‘Tis the promise of my God;
Written in His Word unfailing,
Sealed with Jesus’ precious blood.