Notes on Isaiah. Chapter 56

Isaiah 56  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 10
He returns, therefore, in this chapter, specifically, to the Remnant in the latter day, but founded on the basis of grace in Christ, now known, and fully laid and declared in the midst of the sin of Israel, the blindness of her watchmen, i.e., blessing shown in taking away the righteous, the great iniquity of Israel going to the king, debasing herself to hell—God's care of the humble and contrite, and in grace, having seen Israel's ways, He will heal, for He creates "the fruit of the lips." But, again, after Christ fully explained, we have the Remnant, and no peace to the wicked”; see chapter 48: 22.
This, and the three following chapters, is God's view of what the Jewish Remnant would have been on His precepts, and according to His plan, and what it was in and by its failure. The end of this, however, is in chapter 59, verse is to the end; and thereupon, in chapter 60 we enter into the fruit and power of His work in and for His own.