Out of the Poorhouse

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A few year ago, I was going away to preach one Sunday morning, when a young man drove up in front of us. He had an aged woman with him.
“Who is that young man?” I asked.
“Do you see that beautiful meadow?” said my friend, “and that land there with the house upon it?”
“His father drank that all up.” He went on to tell me all about the young man. His father was a great drunkard, squandered his property, died and left his wife in the poorhouse. “And that young man is one of the finest young men I ever knew. He has toiled hard and earned money, and bought back the land. He has taken his mother out of the poorhouse, and now he is taking her to hear God’s Word.”
I thought, that is an illustration for me. The first Adam in Eden sold us for naught, but the Lord Jesus, the last Adam, came and bought us back again. The first Adam brought us to the poorhouse, as it were. The last Adam makes us kings and priests unto God. That is redemption. We get in Christ all that Adam lost, and more. Men look on the blood of Christ with scorn and contempt, but the time is coming when the blood of Christ will be worth more than all the kingdoms of the world.