pride (Hebrew #1467)

4:37   Now
k`an (Hebrew #3705)
KJV usage: now.
Pronounce: keh-an'
Origin: (Aramaic) probably from 3652
'ana' (Hebrew #576)
corresponding to 589; I
KJV usage: I, as for me.
Pronounce: an-aw'
Origin: (Aramaic) or .anah (Aramaic) {an-aw'}
Nbuwkadnetstsar (Hebrew #5020)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 5019
KJV usage: Nebuchadnezzar.
Pronounce: neb-oo-kad-nets-tsar'
shbach (Hebrew #7624)
to adulate, i.e. adore
KJV usage: praise.
Pronounce: sheb-akh'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 7623
and extol
ruwm (Hebrew #7313)
(figuratively only)
KJV usage: extol, lift up (self), set up.
Pronounce: room
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 7311
and honor
hadar (Hebrew #1922)
to magnify (figuratively)
KJV usage: glorify, honour.
Pronounce: had-ar'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 1921
the King
melek (Hebrew #4430)
a king
KJV usage: king, royal.
Pronounce: meh'-lek
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 4428
of heaven
shamayin (Hebrew #8065)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 8064
KJV usage: heaven.
Pronounce: shaw-mah'-yin
, all
kol (Hebrew #3606)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 3605
KJV usage: all, any, + (forasmuch) as, + be-(for this) cause, every, + no (manner, -ne), + there (where)-fore, + though, what (where, who)-soever, (the) whole.
Pronounce: kole
whose works
ma`bad (Hebrew #4567)
an act
KJV usage: work.
Pronounce: mah-bawd'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 4566
are truth
qshowt (Hebrew #7187)
corresponding to 7189; fidelity
KJV usage: truth.
Pronounce: kesh-ote'
Origin: (Aramaic) or qshot (Aramaic) {kesh-ote'}
, and his ways
'orach (Hebrew #735)
a road
KJV usage: way.
Pronounce: o'-rakh
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 734
diyn (Hebrew #1780)
(Aramaic) corresp. to 1779
KJV usage: judgement.
Pronounce: deen
: and those that walk
halak (Hebrew #1981)
to walk
KJV usage: walk.
Pronounce: hal-ak'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 1980 (compare 1946)
in pride
gevah (Hebrew #1467)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 1466
KJV usage: pride.
Pronounce: gay-vaw'
he is able
ykel (Hebrew #3202)
to 3201
KJV usage: be able, can, couldest, prevail.
Pronounce: yek-ale'
Origin: (Aramaic) or ykiyl (Aramaic) {yek-eel'}
to abase
shphal (Hebrew #8214)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 8213
KJV usage: abase, humble, put down, subdue.
Pronounce: shef-al'