Proud of Their False Religions

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I do not believe there is any false religion in the world that men are not proud of. The only faith of which I have ever heard that men were ashamed of is the faith of Jesus Christ. Some time ago I preached two weeks in Salt Lake City, and I did not find a Mor­mon that was not proud of his religion. When I came within forty miles of Salt Lake City, the engineer came into the car and wanted to know if I wouldn’t like to ride on the engine. I went with him, and in that forty mile ride he talked Mormonism to me the whole time, and tried to convert me so that I would not preach against the Mormons. I never met an unconverted Chinaman who wasn’t proud of being a disciple of Con­fucius; and I never met a Mohammedan who wasn’t proud of the fact that he was a follower of Mohammed; but how many, many times I have found men ashamed of faith in Jesus Christ, the only faith that gives men the power over their affections and lusts and sins. If there was some back-door by which men could slip into heaven, there would be a great many who would want to enter it, but they don’t like to make public confession.