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Proverbs 29

Prov. 29:21 KJV (With Strong’s)

He that delicately bringeth up
panaq (Hebrew #6445)
to enervate
KJV usage: bring up.
Pronounce: paw-nak'
Origin: a primitive root
his servant
`ebed (Hebrew #5650)
a servant
KJV usage: X bondage, bondman, (bond-)servant, (man-)servant.
Pronounce: eh'-bed
Origin: from 5647
from a child
no`ar (Hebrew #5290)
(abstractly) boyhood (compare 5288)
KJV usage: child, youth.
Pronounce: no'-ar
Origin: from 5287
shall have him become his son
manown (Hebrew #4497)
a continuator, i.e. heir
KJV usage: son.
Pronounce: maw-nohn'
Origin: from 5125
at the length
'achariyth (Hebrew #319)
the last or end, hence, the future; also posterity
KJV usage: (last, latter) end (time), hinder (utter) -most, length, posterity, remnant, residue, reward.
Pronounce: akh-ar-eeth'
Origin: from 310

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J. N. Darby Translation

He that delicately bringeth up his servant from a child, shall in the end have him as a sonl.

JND Translation Notes

Strictly, "son of the house"; i.e. he gets into possession of his master's goods.