Romans 1‑16  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 13
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The great foundation truths of Christianity, emphasizing God’s righteousness and His rejecting all human righteousness (1-3:20). In virtue of the blood and resurrection of Christ, God in pure grace, bestows His righteousness upon the believer, giving him peace as to all his sins and the Holy Spirit (3:21-5:11). Then as to sin in the flesh, our old nature, the Christian is freed from its power by its having been dealt with once and for all in the death of Christ, with whom we have died (chapter 6). In Romans we are not risen with Christ (as in Col. and Eph.) but wait for the resurrection of the body. (Chap. 8:11, 23)
The powerless efforts of a quickened soul (having not the Spirit) in the bondage of the law, in experience precedes 3:22, 28 (7:7-24). The Christian, having life in Christ and the Spirit is “free from the law of sin and death,” certain of no separation, while waiting for the resurrection and the liberty of the glory, (8). The present setting aside of Israel during the opportunity afforded to the Gentiles will not defeat God’s eventually fulfilling His promise to restore Israel (9-11). Then practical exhortations for Christian life and service.