196. The Lord of Life Is Risen
The Lord of life is risen,
Has left the darksome grave,
And, death by Him abolished,
He's mighty now to save;
And we with Him are risen,
The fruit of all His toil,
The firstfruits of His harvest,
His suffering's richest spoil.
The Lord of life is seated
At God's right hand on high,
God's just and righteous answer
To grace which stooped to die;
In Him we too are seated,
Oh blessed, wondrous grace!
Accepted and belovèd,
In Him, in sonship's place.
The Lord of life is coming
To perfect all His grace;
To take His blood-bought people
To fill their heavenly place;
Oh, with what joy ascending
We'll meet Him in the air,
To dwell with Him in glory
And His blest image bear.