329. A Little Lamb Went Straying
A little lamb went straying
Among the hills one day,
Leaving its faithful shepherd,
Because it loved to stray.
And while the sun shone brightly,
It knew no thought of fear,
For flowers around were blooming,
And balmy was the air.
But night came over quickly,
The hollow breezes blew,
The sun soon ceased its shining,
All dark and dismal grew.
The little lamb stood bleating,
And well indeed it might,
So far from home and shepherd,
And on so dark a night.
But, ah! the faithful shepherd
Soon missed the little thing,
And onward went to seek it,
And home again to bring.
He sought on hill and valley,
And called it by its name:
He sought, nor ceased his seeking,
Until he found his lamb.
Then to his gentle bosom
The little lamb he pressed,
And on his shoulders bore it,
And fondly it caressed.
The little lamb was happy
To find itself secure;
The shepherd, too, was joyful,
Because his lamb he bore.
And now, dear little children,
A Shepherd's up on high,
Who came to seek the straying,
Who all deserved to die.
For sin each lamb had ruined,
And far from God had led;
But oh! what love unbounded!
He suffered in their stead.