The Bible

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Wonder of wonders is God’s blessed Book and its origin. Strange as it may seem it was written mostly by Jews, of various stations, living in various places, in various ages, stretching out over 1500 years, so that they could not come together to plan in concert the composing of its sixty-six books into one harmonious whole, with perfection of design interwoven throughout. Only God, its divine author, could produce such a revelation for man. Out of two “dead languages,” Hebrew and Greek, have sprung translations in more than 1100 tongues, and in English alone over 144. More than 25 million are sold annually, besides the great host of books, poems and hymns that are published about the Bible. The precious Word of God is alone worthy of so much attention, yea worthy of much more.
No other book can with it compare for enduring the ages of time, in spite of the fiercest and incessant Satanic opposition of apostate Jews, enraged pagan Rome, burning untold thousands of copies as well as its readers. Then there has been the subtle misusing it through false teachings, and impudent attacks of bold infidels. Nowadays infidels are corrupting it in “Theological Seminaries” and “liberal” pulpits! “Wolves in sheep’s clothing,” “blind leaders of the blind.” William Kelly has aptly said, “Higher criticism is mere rubbish.”
Withstanding all the tests of time,
It stands unchanged, unique, sublime,
Proving to every tongue and race,
God’s wisdom, power and wondrous grace.
“The word of God is pure,” “very pure,” “purified seven times,” “and abides forever.” “As it is in truth the Word of God.” “Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit,” so that “all scripture is given by inspiration of God,” who also “has revealed them unto babes.” “Meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written,” yea “excellent things,” “wondrous things,” “precious promises,” “hid treasure.”
Word of God, within thy covers
What exhaustless treasures lie!
Revelation of the Father
By the Son who came to die!
Depths are there which know no sounding,
Fathomless beyond compare;
Rich the mines of wealth there treasured,
All I need to know is there!
All of it was supernaturally given from heaven by the Holy Spirit, “God-breathed.” It is eternal, infallible, unique, infinite in scope (from eternity through the history of time to eternity), unfathomable, inexhaustible, universal, authoritative, living and powerful. It insists on man’s responsibility, yet total ruin, laying bare his wicked heart. It quickens, convicts, converts, transforms, enlightens, comforts, guides, fills with peace, joy and hope. It unfolds unseen things to faith, reveals the nature of God morally, and also that of “man, His creature, first as innocent, and then as fallen, with its sad consequences. It shows man’s responsibility and how man has been tested in various ways, each resulting, alas, in his failure.”
The Old Testament records how God in grace chose Abraham and gave unconditional promises, and later adopted the nation of Israel by delivering them out of Egypt, and then giving them the conditional law. It relates the history of their failures, because of which God sent them prophets, but finally had to deliver them into Assyria and Babylon. Later He caused a remnant to return, (Ezra, Neh., Hag., Zech.) which gradually degenerated into the Pharisaism that instigated the crucifixion of their Messiah! The “hour of Jacob’s trouble,” unparalleled “great tribulation,” is about to fall upon them; nevertheless God will restore a remnant to enter Christ’s kingdom. A large part of the prophetic word concerns all this.
The New Testament reveals Christ the Savior of sinners, God manifest in human, sinless flesh. Through matchless grace He was made sin in our stead, in those three dark hours on the cross. He died and shed His precious blood to wash our sins away. He was raised again for our justification and glorified-the pledge of our place in glory with Him. In the meantime He, as our Great High Priest, is sustaining us, and leading us by the Holy Spirit; who dwells in us, and has united us into the one mystic body of Christ. Soon Christ will take us as His Bride to be forever with
Himself. The false church, “Babylon the Great” will be judged (Rev. 17, 18-19:3). After the 1000 years of His reign over restored Israel and the spared nations, and all evil is done away and this earth burned, He will bring forth the new and eternal heavens and earth. (2 Pet. 3.)
The Bible is hated because it exposes man’s wicked heart; it is loved because it reveals God’s loving heart.