The Church of God

Acts 20:28
" THE CHURCH OF GOD " amazing, precious thought!
That sinners, vile and outcast, should be brought
Renew'd in heart, and cleansed by Jesu's blood,
To form " one body," e'en the " Church of God,"
Angels around the throne that never fell,―
Seraphic spirits that in glory dwell,―
The holy patriarchs before the flood,
Nor Israel since,―compose the "Church of God."
Distinct in glory from the Church they shine,
Though each unfolds a wonderful design;
The Holy Spirit makes His blest abode,
In those, alone, who form the " Church of God.
First quickened, then sealed by the Holy Ghost,
The Church began on earth at Pentecost,
When like a fire He came on each and stood,
That little band commenced the " Church of God."
The Church is one, it has one glorious Head,
And by one Spirit through this waste is led;
And nourishment from Christ, on high, bestowed
Together binds in one, the "Church of God."
United to her risen Head above;
E'en now she knows the sweetness of His love;
His power is her's to help her on the road―
Soon will He come and take His Church away-And O sweet thought! fast hastens on the day, When He will stand with all His saints avowed HEAD of the Church,-the purchased "CHURCH OF GOD!"