Thou Art Coming, Mighty Saviour

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
Thou art coming, mighty Saviour,
“King of kings,” Thy written name.
Thou art coming, royal Saviour!
Coming for Thy promised reign.
O, the joy, when sin’s confusion
Ends beneath Thy righteous sway;
O, the peace, when all delusion
At Thy presence dies away.
Thou art coming, loving Saviour,
Coming first to claim Thine own.
Thou art coming, faithful Saviour,—
Thou couldst not abide alone.
In Thy Father’s house in glory,
Sinners saved shall dwell with Thee;
O, the sweetness of the story,—
Love’s own record we shall be.
Thou art coming, gracious Saviour,
Ah, to see Thy face we long;
Thou art coming, blessed Saviour,
Righting all creation’s wrong.
Nation rises against nation,
Trouble spreads from shore to shore.
Thy art God’s supreme salvation,
Come, and chaos shall be o’er.
Once Thy coming, Holy Saviour,
Expiation made for sin.
Wondrous coming, lowly Saviour,
Wondrous Child in Bethlehem.
Thine the wisdom in the manger,
Thine the power upon the cross,
Thine the glory as the stranger!
Riches, though in utter loss.
Thou art coming, crowned Saviour,
Not “the second time” for sin.
Thou art coming, throned Saviour,
Bringing all the glory in.
All Thy Father’s house, the glory,
Hangs, by sure behest on Thee!
O, the sweetness of the story,—
Saviour, come, we wait for Thee.