Titus 1

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The believer already has eternal life now. In times past, people of faith looked in hope for eternal life. Now we have it and we know we have it. You know you are saved. You know you will never perish. You know God cannot lie. You have peace with God.
Paul calls Titus his son in the faith because he was saved through Paul preaching the gospel. Paul continues here to teach Titus the Word of God. Previously, Titus had travelled with Paul. On one trip, Paul left Titus in Crete to ordain two or more elders in the assembly and teach the Christians more of Paul’s teaching because Paul had little time to spend there. The elders were responsible to teach the Word of God and to oversee and care for the Christians in the assembly.
The elders were important to the assembly, so Paul told Titus what to look for when he chose the elders. One thing was that his children must be faithful. This means parents should teach the Word of God in the home and discipline their children to act like Christians.
An elder should also hold fast to the Word of God and defend its teaching because some people argue against the Bible and try to change its meaning. Paul told Titus to rebuke these bad teachers and to correct their bad teaching so the Christians could be sound in the faith. That means we need to have a true understanding of God’s Word so we would make no errors in living to please the Lord.
1. What is something that God cannot do? __________   Titus 1:___
2. Who did Paul call his own son after the common faith? __________   Titus 1:___
3. What kind of children should an elder have? __________   Titus 1:___
4. What should an elder hold fast to, just as he had been taught? __________   Titus 1:___
5. What did Paul tell Titus to do to the bad teachers so the Christians could be sound in their faith? __________   Titus 1:___