Titus 1‑3  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 10
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In some things similar to 1 Timothy, but the apostle delegated Titus to establish godly order in all their relationships, and to appoint elders in the assemblies on the island of Crete, and then to return to the mainland (3:12). In chapter one “the faith of God’s elect” is all the truth which lets us into the secrets of His love. Qualifications of overseers follow. In chapter two, we have proprieties in all relationships that we might adorn the doctrine of our Savior God, and then in four verses is given the gist of Christianity in view of the “blessed hope.” In chapter three it is His sovereign mercy in saving us, morally cleansing us from the old order, and fitting us for the entirely new sphere of Christianity into which we have been brought. The Holy Spirit also continually renews us according to His abundant outpouring. Sound teaching accompanied by good works is stressed. A heretic is one who induces others to follow him in his pet view of some doctrine.
Written by Paul about A.D. 65.