Waiting for the Glory

 •  1 min. read
I'm waiting for the glory:
Are your thoughts with me too?
It is the old, old story,
But all most sweetly true!
I'm waiting for the glory:
JESUS Himself is there;
He's gone on high before me,
Calls me with Him to share.
JESUS, the Lord, did love us,
Will love us, to the end;
And lifts our hearts above us,
To love that will not end!
For the day is nearing, nearing,
When we shall see His face;
Each step the way endearing,
Which leads to that blest place.
For JESUS comes with power,
To change these bodies vile,
Or raise them, in that hour,
From where they rest awhile:
Then shall His soul's deep travail
Find its love-fraught reward;
Nor joy, nor promise shall fail,
With Him, like Him, their Lord!
But who's this all-glorious Lord,
To Whom each knee Both bow?
The Sorrower, once abhorred!
The Lord in His glory now!
Art waiting for the glory?
Thy thoughts go with me, too!
Yes! 'tis the old, old story:
But all most sweetly true!