Zechariah 1‑14  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
(whom Jah remembers)
Judgment upon all oppressors of the remnant and Jerusalem—the center of worship. Eight apocalyptic visions in chapters one to six, encourage the returned remnant to build, justifying, pledging the future judgment on their Gentile oppressors, and the blessed reign of their Messiah, with their temple in Jerusalem. Their moral state (chapter 7) is superseded by gracious promise of blessing (chapter 8) and then (from chapter 9-14) Christ’s humiliation and rejection to be followed by regathering Israel. The apostate mass under Antichrist and then the Gentile powers will be judged but the remnant are brought to mourn in the presence of their once despised, rejected and crucified Savior—Jehovah’s Fellow. The first siege of Jerusalem is in chapter 14:1, 2; the last in 10:5; 12:2, 3, 9. Then Jerusalem will become glorious in holy splendor with her temple, throne and King, the center of worship for all nations. The last chapter records a series of the surprising miraculous changes in their renewed land, as well as the plague upon all rebels.
B.C. 518-510.