1 Chron. 2:15 KJV (With Strong’s)

'Otsem (Hebrew #684)
strength (i.e. strong); Otsem, the name of two Israelites
KJV usage: Ozem.
Pronounce: o'-tsem
Origin: from an unused root probably meaning to be strong
the sixth
shishshiy (Hebrew #8345)
sixth, ord. or (feminine) fractional
KJV usage: sixth (part).
Pronounce: shish-shee'
Origin: from 8337
, David
David (Hebrew #1732)
Daviyd {daw-veed'}; from the same as 1730; loving; David, the youngest son of Jesse
KJV usage: David.
Pronounce: daw-veed'
Origin: rarely (fully)
the seventh
shbiy`iy (Hebrew #7637)
ordinal from 7657; seventh
KJV usage: seventh (time).
Pronounce: sheb-ee-ee'
Origin: or shbi iy {sheb-ee-ee'}

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J. N. Darby Translation

Ozem the sixth, David the seventh;