1 Timothy 3

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Now we learn about the standards for behavior of men who will take the lead in the assembly. The Spirit of God would like to find this behavior in all men. God has only one standard for men. The way you act as a young person prepares you for what you will be as an adult. If you live according to these standards as a young person, you will be prepared for God to use you as an adult. God wants you to be blameless. Don’t do bad things that give you a bad reputation. A man should have only one wife and he should be kind to her and honor her so the children will learn to respect their parents. Children should be subject with all gravity. This means children should be taught to be obedient and respect their parents. A man who raises his family well can be used by God to care for the people in the church.
Every godly man needs a godly wife, so God also gives the girls guidelines for behavior so when they become adults they can help their husbands and be useful to the Lord. In verse 11, wives should be grave or honest, so girls should learn not to slander or speak badly about other girls. You should be sober to make wise choices and be faithful in all things so people will trust what you say.
We all need to know how to behave in the house of God. If you are saved, you are in the house of God. The mystery of godliness is the truth about the Person and work of the Lord Jesus, who glorified God in every aspect of His life.
1. How many wives should a man have? __________   1 Timothy 3:___
2. Who does God want to live in subjection with all gravity (obedient and respectful)? __________   1 Timothy 3:___
3. Name two things that should characterize wives. __________   1 Timothy 3:___
4. What two things do deacons who serve well receive? __________   1 Timothy 3:___
5. What is the house of God? __________   1 Timothy 3:___