2 Corinthians 8

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Here we see how Gentile believers were to show their appreciation for the blessing which they had received through the Jews. This chapter also tells us of the oneness of the body of Christ and how the members are to care for one another. The churches in Macedonia did not have much, but they wanted the Lord’s servants to accept gifts from them. The Word of God had such an effect on their lives that they dedicated themselves to the Lord and their belongings to His work. This was the grace of God working in their hearts. The Corinthians abounded in many gifts, and the Apostle desired that the grace of giving would be true of them also. Now, the best way to teach others how to behave is by example, and so Paul points them to what the Lord Jesus Christ did for them. He was rich beyond calculation but became a man and said, “I am poor and sorrowful” (Psalm 69:2929But I am poor and sorrowful: let thy salvation, O God, set me up on high. (Psalm 69:29)). Giving of our substance is only one way in which we can serve the Lord. There are many ways to fill up our time, such as helping the sick and needy, praying, telling others the good news of salvation, or passing out gospel tracts. There is a brother, whose name is not even mentioned, who was very active in gospel work, but God knows all about it and will reward accordingly. Then there was also another brother who was diligent in the Lord’s work. Lastly, there was Titus, whom Paul calls a partner, a messenger, who did all for the glory of Christ. This is a commendation we should all desire.
1. The poverty of the believers in Macedonia combined with their joy in the Lord abounded unto __________.   2 Corinthians 8:___
2. Name five things that the Corinthians abounded in. __________   2 Corinthians 8:___
3. What did our Lord Jesus Christ do in grace in order that we might be rich? __________   2 Corinthians 8:___
4. Several men traveling together with the monetary gift demonstrated the importance of providing everything honest not only in the sight of God, but also __________.   2 Corinthians 8:___
5. Who was Paul’s partner and fellow-helper concerning the Corinthians? __________   2 Corinthians 8:___