2 Timothy 2

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Timothy was taught many things by Paul. Paul then told Timothy to share those same teachings with other faithful men who would teach others also. This is why God wants you always to be at the Bible meetings. You can learn the ways of God from faithful brothers who have studied the Word of God.
Paul compares a Christian to three different occupations — a soldier, an athlete striving for masteries and a husbandman or farmer. An athlete works hard; he gives up certain pleasures to spend time in training. He practices every day and concentrates on his goal of the reward at the end. He is not using steroids or cheating in other ways to gain an advantage over others. He competes within the regulations. As a Christian, you should devote your life to following the Lord Jesus according to His Word, and the Lord will give you understanding for all things.
The seed of a person is one of their descendants. The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the seed of David, was raised from the dead and is alive today in heaven. Paul suffered persecution because he preached the gospel of Jesus. If we are faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we will also suffer because people in this world still hate Jesus. But if we suffer, we will also reign with the Lord Jesus when He takes His place as king over the earth.
We should avoid people who practice sin, and we should stay away from sin in our own life. Instead, we need to follow righteousness, faith, charity and peace with other Christians who also call on the Lord out of a pure heart.
1. What kind of men should be able to teach others? __________   2 Timothy 2:___
2. Who is going to give the believer understanding in all things? __________   2 Timothy 2:___
3. Who was from the seed of David and rose from among the dead? __________   2 Timothy 2:___
4. If we suffer for Christ now, what is assured us in the future? __________   2 Timothy 2:___
5. What kind of heart should accompany righteousness, faith, charity and peace in those who call on the Lord? __________   2 Timothy 2:___