counsel (Hebrew #5843)

2:14   Then
'edayin (Hebrew #116)
then (of time)
KJV usage: now, that time, then.
Pronounce: ed-ah'-yin
Origin: (Aramaic) of uncertain derivation
Daniye'l (Hebrew #1841)
Danijel, the Heb. prophet
KJV usage: Daniel.
Pronounce: daw-nee-yale'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 1840
tuwb (Hebrew #8421)
specifically (transitive and ellip.) to reply
KJV usage: answer, restore, return (an answer).
Pronounce: toob
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 7725, to come back
with counsel
`eta' (Hebrew #5843)
KJV usage: counsel.
Pronounce: ay-taw'
Origin: (Aramaic) from 3272
and wisdom
t`em (Hebrew #2942)
properly, flavor; figuratively, judgment (both subjective and objective); hence, account (both subj. and obj.)
KJV usage: + chancellor, + command, commandment, decree, + regard, taste, wisdom.
Pronounce: teh-ame'
Origin: (Aramaic) from 2939, and equivalent to 2941
to Arioch
'Aryowk (Hebrew #746)
Arjok, the name of two Babylonians
KJV usage: Arioch.
Pronounce: ar-yoke'
Origin: of foreign origin
the captain
rab (Hebrew #7229)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 7227
KJV usage: captain, chief, great, lord, master, stout.
Pronounce: rab
diy (Hebrew #1768)
that, used as relative conjunction, and especially (with a preposition) in adverbial phrases; also as preposition of
KJV usage: X as, but, for(-asmuch +), + now, of, seeing, than, that, therefore, until, + what (-soever), when, which, whom, whose.
Pronounce: dee
Origin: (Aramaic) apparently for 1668
the king’s
melek (Hebrew #4430)
a king
KJV usage: king, royal.
Pronounce: meh'-lek
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 4428
tabbach (Hebrew #2877)
a lifeguardsman
KJV usage: guard.
Pronounce: tab-bawkh'
Origin: (Aramaic) the same as 2876
, which was gone forth
nphaq (Hebrew #5312)
to issue; causatively, to bring out
KJV usage: come (go, take) forth (out).
Pronounce: nef-ak'
Origin: (Aramaic) a primitive root
to slay
qtal (Hebrew #6992)
to kill
KJV usage: slay.
Pronounce: ket-al'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 6991
the wise
chakkiym (Hebrew #2445)
wise, i.e. a Magian
KJV usage: wise.
Pronounce: khak-keem'
Origin: (Aramaic) from a root corresponding to 2449
men of Babylon
Babel (Hebrew #895)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 894
KJV usage: Babylon.
Pronounce: baw-bel'