Genesis 1‑50  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 7
Beginnings. The original creation, “He spake, and it was,” followed by geological ages and chaos, after which in six days He re-formed it for man. Innocence, lordship, marriage (a type), sin, fig leaves, coats of skin. Cain offers fruit, Abel of his flock, and then was slain. Cain goes his way, builds a city. Enoch (as type of the Church) walks with God and is raptured before the judgment of the flood, above which Noah is spared to the renewed earth. Then government was given and God divided the nations. Out of Shem a new head, Abraham, who pays honor to Melchizedek, in contrast with earthly-minded Lot, who nevertheless was delivered from judgment. In Isaac we see the son offered up, then the bride brought. Jacob becomes Israel of whom are the twelve tribes. The beloved son Joseph is rejected, but becomes exalted and takes to himself a Gentile bride.
Chapter 1:26 commences 4004 B.C. (according to Ussher), and then covers 2,315 years.
Genesis is quoted about 60 times in 17 N.T. books.
Author: Moses.