Isaiah 1‑66  •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 12
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(Salvation of the Lord)
This prophecy of Isaiah is the most comprehensive and evangelical, the longest and the one most quoted in the New Testament next to the Psalms. Mostly in poetry, it declares God’s dealings with Judah and Babylon, also Israel and the Assyrian, ending in deliverance and universal blessings through their once rejected and suffering Messiah.
Chapters 1-12, reprove Judah, sinful in the land, Immanuel promised, ending in their song of triumph in chapter 12.
Chapters 13-27, pronounce judgment on Babylon (where Israel is captive) and the surrounding nations.
Chapters 28-35, declare five woes on Israel, ending in deliverance from the Assyrians, and the joy of the Kingdom.
Chapters 36-39, record what is now history as to Judah, mostly in prose.
Chapters 40-48, give God’s controversy with Israel because of their idolatry. Cyrus is a type of their Deliverer.
Chapters 49-57, give God’s controversy with Israel because of having rejected their Messiah.
Chapters 58-66, foresee the remnant delivered and blessed.
Writer: Isaiah
B.C. 760-700, covering 60 years.