Not Fit to Meet God.

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“I HAVE made a study of different religions, of Mohammed, Confucius, Buddha, and others, but the tracts you gave me remind me that, with all my sins, I am not fit to meet God.”
So said a man in the California mountains to a servant of Christ, as he was driving his Gospel wagon out of the town of Sierraville.
There are many besides this man, who take for granted that peace of soul is to be found in the belief of some creed, the observance of some religion. Naturally, they desire to know which is the best religion to follow. So they set about examining the various conflicting creeds. They may find excellent moral maxims, as, for instance, in Confucianism. They may find conspicuous examples of unselfishness and devotedness, as in Buddhism. They may find earnestness to the point of fanaticism, as in Mohammedanism. But there is one thing for which they search all these religious systems in vain.
What is this one thing that is lacking? It is the knowledge of how a wretched sinner may be made fit to meet a supremely holy God.
In Christianity, however, this knowledge is to be found. Yet Christianity, as a mere religion, no more satisfies the need of the soul than Buddhism, or any other system. There are many, who profess Christianity, who are as far from being truly satisfied as any deluded pagan.
It is not the belief of a creed, however correct, but faith in a living Person, that is the way of blessing. Religion, that is the mere outward expression of a creed, is no savior. Christ alone can save.
Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed, have lived their lives, hundreds of years ago, and are dead. But Christ is not dead! True, He laid down His life upon the Cross. He suffered and died for sinners. But His resurrection is a great fact. He lives to-day. And it is to this living Savior you are invited to come.
On the ground of His atoning work God can blot out all your sins from under His holy eye, and thus make you fit for His own presence. Do not let another hour go by without putting your trust in the Savior of His providing.
H. P. B.