Obil (Hebrew #179)

1 Chronicles
27:30  Over the camels
gamal (Hebrew #1581)
a camel
KJV usage: camel.
Pronounce: gaw-mawl'
Origin: apparently from 1580 (in the sense of labor or burden-bearing)
also was Obil
'owbiyl (Hebrew #179)
mournful; Obil, an Ishmaelite
KJV usage: Obil.
Pronounce: o-beel'
Origin: probably from 56
the Ishmaelite
Yishma`e'liy (Hebrew #3459)
a Jishmaelite or descendant of Jishmael
KJV usage: Ishmaelite.
Pronounce: yish-maw-ay-lee'
Origin: patronymically from 3458
: and over the asses
'athown (Hebrew #860)
a female donkey (from its docility)
KJV usage: (she) ass.
Pronounce: aw-thone'
Origin: probably from the same as 386 (in the sense of patience)
was Jehdeiah
Yechdiyahuw (Hebrew #3165)
unity of Jah; Jechdijah, the name of two Israelites
KJV usage: Jehdeiah.
Pronounce: yekh-dee-yaw'-hoo
Origin: from 3162 and 3050
the Meronothite
Meronothiy (Hebrew #4824)
a Meronothite, or inhabitant of some (otherwise unknown) Meronoth.
KJV usage: Meronothite.
Pronounce: may-ro-no-thee'
Origin: patrial from an unused noun