Once and Now

 •  1 min. read  •  grade level: 6
We once were lost, but now are found,
Like sheep we went astray;
We were by sin and Satan bound,
And trod the downward way;
But Thou, O Lord, didst seek and find,
With joy didst bring us home;
And, by Thy love, our spirits bind,
That we no more might roam.

We once were blind, but now we see;
We dwelt in nature's night;
No beauty, Lord, could find in Thee,
Till we were blessed with sight;
But God, in wondrous love and grace,
Did on our darkness shine,
His glory showed us in Thy face,
And gave us light divine.

We once were dead, but now we live;
Our life, O Lord, art Thou,
Who for our sins Thyself didst give,
Beneath our judgment bow.
Eternal life is ours in Thee,
Thou, risen from the dead;
And we, from sin and judgment free,
Are one with Thee, the Head.

How much, O Lord, to Thee we owe,
In whom we thus are blest;
Whose precious blood for us did flow,
And Love divine expressed.
O Savior, Shepherd, Life, and Light,
To Thee we praises bring,
And soon shall, in Thy glory bright,
More worthy anthems sing.