Our Father's Care

ONE day I made a purchase at a shop in a country town. The shopkeeper offered to send her little girl with my parcel to the railway station, and, as I had other calls to make, the offer was accepted. I reached the station first, and crossed the line at a level crossing from one platform to the other. The little girl presently came up with the parcel, but before crossing she carefully looked both ways to see that no train was approaching.
When I had received the parcel, I said to her, "Were you not afraid to cross at such a dangerous place, where trains pass so quickly?" The child, to my amazement, answered, without any hesitation—
“I was very careful, sir, for I don't know what my father would have thought if anything had happened to me, for my father thinks the world of ME!
She knew something of the interest her father had in her, and took care of herself accordingly! What a lesson for me was this! My heavenly Father thinks more than the world of me; lie gave His Son, who created all worlds, for me!
Oh, then, how much does our God and Father care for us; of what value we are to Him, and what an interest He has in us, His children, and how we ought to take care how we walk! J. N.