pan (Hebrew #2281)

1 Chronicles
9:31   And Mattithiah
Mattithyah (Hebrew #4993)
from 4991 and 3050; gift of Jah; Mattithjah, the name of four Israelites
KJV usage: Mattithiah.
Pronounce: mat-tith-yaw'
Origin: or Mattithyahuw {mat-tith-yaw'-hoo}
, one of the Levites
Leviyiy (Hebrew #3881)
patronymically from 3878; a Levite or descendant of Levi
KJV usage: Leviite.
Pronounce: lay-vee-ee'
Origin: or Leviy {lay-vee'}
, who was the firstborn
bkowr (Hebrew #1060)
firstborn; hence, chief
KJV usage: eldest (son), firstborn(-ling).
Pronounce: bek-ore'
Origin: from 1069
of Shallum
Shalluwm (Hebrew #7967)
the same as 7966; Shallum, the name of fourteen Israelites
KJV usage: Shallum.
Pronounce: shal-loom'
Origin: or (shorter) Shallum {shal-loom'}
the Korahite
Qorchiy (Hebrew #7145)
a Korchite (collectively) or descendants of Korach
KJV usage: Korahite, Korathite, sons of Kore, Korhite.
Pronounce: kor-khee'
Origin: patronymic from 7141
, had the set office
'emuwnah (Hebrew #530)
literally firmness; figuratively security; morally fidelity
KJV usage: faith(-ful, -ly, -ness, (man)), set office, stability, steady, truly, truth, verily.
Pronounce: em-oo-naw');
Origin: feminine of 529
over the things that were made
ma`aseh (Hebrew #4639)
an action (good or bad); generally, a transaction; abstractly, activity; by implication, a product (specifically, a poem) or (generally) property
KJV usage: act, art, + bakemeat, business, deed, do(-ing), labor, thing made, ware of making, occupation, thing offered, operation, possession, X well, ((handy-, needle-, net-))work(ing, - manship), wrought.
Pronounce: mah-as-eh'
Origin: from 6213
in the pans
chabeth (Hebrew #2281)
something fried, probably a griddle-cake
KJV usage: pan.
Pronounce: khaw-bayth'
Origin: from an unused root probably meaning to cook (compare 4227)