Prepare to Meet Thy God

“MRS. is dead," said a friend to us of a neighbor.
"Dead?" we questioned.
“Yes, she died this morning.”
“It must have been very sudden?" "Yes, it was; she had complained of her head lately. Yesterday it was worse, and she was obliged to take to her bed about six o'clock. Her husband came home some time after; he thought she was over-tired and sound asleep, but in an hour or two after saw she was unconscious! The doctor was of no avail —she died about five o'clock in the morning.”
But where is the soul?
There was no time for deathbed repentance. Not even consciousness that she was passing away.
Where would you be if taken away suddenly, dear reader? If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus, you would depart to be forever with the Lord. But if not? Oh! I shudder to think of it. Think of the lake of fire, prepared for the devil and his angels!
Oh! may this incident from real life, which came under my notice the other day, be used of the Lord to arouse your soul from its sleep. N. N.
I WOULD seek no more to make me happy for evermore, but a thorough and clear sight of the beauty of Jesus, my Lord. Samuel Rutherford.