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Proverbs 7

Prov. 7:8 KJV (With Strong’s)

Passing through
`abar (Hebrew #5674)
to cross over; used very widely of any transition (literal or figurative; transitive, intransitive, intensive, causative); specifically, to cover (in copulation)
KJV usage: alienate, alter, X at all, beyond, bring (over, through), carry over, (over-)come (on, over), conduct (over), convey over, current, deliver, do away, enter, escape, fail, gender, get over, (make) go (away, beyond, by, forth, his way, in, on, over, through), have away (more), lay, meddle, overrun, make partition, (cause to, give, make to, over) pass(-age, along, away, beyond, by, -enger, on, out, over, through), (cause to, make) + proclaim(-amation), perish, provoke to anger, put away, rage, + raiser of taxes, remove, send over, set apart, + shave, cause to (make) sound, X speedily, X sweet smelling, take (away), (make to) transgress(-or), translate, turn away, (way-)faring man, be wrath.
Pronounce: aw-bar'
Origin: a primitive root
the street
shuwq (Hebrew #7784)
a street (as run over)
KJV usage: street.
Pronounce: shook
Origin: from 7783
'etsel (Hebrew #681)
a side; (as a preposition) near
KJV usage: at, (hard) by, (from) (beside), near (unto), toward, with. See also 1018.
Pronounce: ay'-tsel
Origin: from 680 (in the sense of joining)
her corner
pen (Hebrew #6434)
an angle (of a street or wall)
KJV usage: corner.
Pronounce: pane
Origin: from an unused root meaning to turn
; and he went
tsa`ad (Hebrew #6805)
to pace, i.e. step regularly; (upward) to mount; (along) to march; (down and causatively) to hurl
KJV usage: bring, go, march (through), run over.
Pronounce: tsaw-ad'
Origin: a primitive root
the way
derek (Hebrew #1870)
a road (as trodden); figuratively, a course of life or mode of action, often adverb
KJV usage: along, away, because of, + by, conversation, custom, (east-)ward, journey, manner, passenger, through, toward, (high-) (path-)way(-side), whither(-soever).
Pronounce: deh'-rek
Origin: from 1869
c to her house
bayith (Hebrew #1004)
a house (in the greatest variation of applications, especially family, etc.)
KJV usage: court, daughter, door, + dungeon, family, + forth of, X great as would contain, hangings, home(born), (winter)house(-hold), inside(-ward), palace, place, + prison, + steward, + tablet, temple, web, + within(-out).
Pronounce: bah'-yith
Origin: probably from 1129 abbreviated

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J. N. Darby Translation

passing through the street near her corner; and he went the way to her house,