The Light Will Shine yet

TWO companions were tramping up a mountain's side one misty and cloudy morning. So thick was the mist, and so hopelessly full of it seemed the valleys, and so heavy were the clouds above, that one of the travelers said to the other, "It is of no use going up any further." However, the other wished to reach the mountain top, mist or no mist, cloud or no cloud—so, mending his pace, on he went. After about an hour the first traveler echoed his first sentiment, "It is of no use," but to be answered once more by a fresh start on the part of his friend, who bounded on for the heights above! After some two hours of uphill work, and endless gray, one of these companions cried out, "The sun will shine soon!" for that peculiar bluish shadow moving about the mist, with which those who watch the breaking in of the light into clouds are familiar, made promise that overhead was the longed for shining light; and so it was, for in another ten minutes the mighty ocean of mist was passed through, and the sunny mountain tops stood shining above the clouds.
Keep going up, Christian; the path to glory is uphill. Keep going on through the depressing circumstances, which, like the endless mist, seem to declare the light is blotted out. Keep going up, for above the mists of the valley, and above the clouds clinging to the hill-sides, the sun is shining. To stay in the dark places is not the path of faith. Keep going up, for the light shall shine on you.
Courage! We often say, "It is of no use going on," but the secret is, we are weary. Our own feet are but the index of our feeble faith. Forward, Christian I It is ourselves who are to blame. Answer the invitations of your sluggish self to rest by a fresh bound upwards, and onwards, and heavenwards. See! already there is overhead the sign of the shining of the sun. Keep going on, for in but a few moments the light and the glory will blaze around you, and you shall see all the mists of the valley under your feet.