Titus 3

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 5
Titus was teaching the Christians always to be ready to have good behavior towards the people in the world. We need to obey all authorities, including policemen. God gives them authority over us. We need to be careful not to say bad things about other people and argue or fight. Christian believers should be gentle and meek to all men. Before we were saved, we were sometimes foolish, disobedient and jealous. We even hated certain people. But then God showed His love and kindness to us so He could save us from our sin. We were so bad inside that we could not save ourselves by doing good works of righteousness. God saved us by His mercy through Jesus Christ our Savior. He justified us by His grace to take away our sin and guilt. Now we have the hope of eternal life. This means you can know you are saved. You are guaranteed you will go to heaven if you have eternal life.
If you have believed in God, you have a new life that has been created to do good works. Read your Bible, pray and behave so your works will honor the Lord Jesus. In this way other people will see that there is a difference between you and the unbelievers. Your good works together with telling your friends about the Lord Jesus might be used to help a person be saved. Your good works might also encourage another believer to honor the Lord with their life. If your life is bad works, you will dishonor God and no one will listen to your words.
1. What should believers be ready to do? __________   Titus 3:___
2. To whom should believers be gentle and show meekness? __________   Titus 3:___
3. What appeared towards man? __________   Titus 3:___
4. What have we been justified by so we could receive the hope of eternal life? __________   Titus 3:___
5. What should believers learn to maintain so they are not unfruitful? __________   Titus 3:___