waste (Hebrew #7736)

91:6  Nor for the pestilence
deber (Hebrew #1698)
a pestilence
KJV usage: murrain, pestilence, plague.
Pronounce: deh'-ber
Origin: from 1696 (in the sense of destroying)
that walketh
halak (Hebrew #1980)
a primitive root; to walk (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively)
KJV usage: (all) along, apace, behave (self), come, (on) continually, be conversant, depart, + be eased, enter, exercise (self), + follow, forth, forward, get, go (about, abroad, along, away, forward, on, out, up and down), + greater, grow, be wont to haunt, lead, march, X more and more, move (self), needs, on, pass (away), be at the point, quite, run (along), + send, speedily, spread, still, surely, + tale-bearer, + travel(-ler), walk (abroad, on, to and fro, up and down, to places), wander, wax, (way-)faring man, X be weak, whirl.
Pronounce: haw-lak'
Origin: akin to 3212
in darkness
'ophel (Hebrew #652)
KJV usage: darkness, obscurity, privily.
Pronounce: o'fel
Origin: from the same as 651
; nor for the destruction
qeteb (Hebrew #6986)
KJV usage: destroying, destruction.
Pronounce: keh'-teb
Origin: from an unused root meaning to cut off
that wasteth
shuwd (Hebrew #7736)
properly, to swell up, i.e. figuratively (by implication of insolence) to devastate
KJV usage: waste.
Pronounce: shood
Origin: a primitive root
at noonday
tsohar (Hebrew #6672)
a light (i.e. window): dual double light, i.e. noon
KJV usage: midday, noon(-day, -tide), window.
Pronounce: tso'-har
Origin: from 6671