Workmen That Are Needed

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Very Dear Sister,—I believe God has given me more power than ever in my ministry, blessed be His name; indeed, I am very thankful for it. I hope, at the same time, that this has made me more humble than before; no doubt I had need of it, but I have felt myself so unworthy of this grace, and so humbled by the goodness and affection of the brethren that surround me, that whilst being impelled to work, I wished the rather to hide myself somewhere. Oh, how I desire that all the brethren should be emboldened by grace to bear witness to the grace and power of Christ according to its efficacy in those who bear it. And why not? However, there are several who in fact are more blessed than I, so that I believe sometimes there must be some fault in me that puts me forward, whilst others draw souls to God. God knows that I have not the desire for it. May God bless these brothers ever more; but what need the kingdom of God has of workmen who apply Christ to souls by the word, and give them the rest that they need, even amongst the children of God! It is quite possible that I leave England this week, I think of doing so.... I have done what I desired in my heart to do before leaving. Something may always retard us more than we think, but I have nothing now on hand to hinder me.... May God in His goodness ever strengthen the bonds of Christ between His dear children....
Your affectionate brother in Christ.
London, 1844.
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