Ephesians 5

 •  2 min. read  •  grade level: 4
Follow God. Christ loved us and gave Himself to die for us as a sacrifice to God. We should follow His example and give of ourselves to love one another. This will make God happy. Unbelievers do bad things because they are not the children of God. When a believer is saved, he begins to stop doing the bad. God wants us to have Christian friends who love the Lord Jesus and to follow the example of the Lord Jesus. If we love the Lord Jesus, we will not have fellowship with unbelievers because they will get us to sin against God. The unbelievers are in darkness. We Christians are taught to walk in the light of God’s Word. If we read the Bible, we can learn to understand the will of God for us. Instead of having our minds filled with the darkness and pleasures of the world, we are told not to be drunk with wine but to be filled with the Spirit. The Spirit of God will make us happy to sing praises to the Lord, to give thanks to God, and to submit to one another. Next, Paul talks to husbands and wives. If a husband is filled with the Spirit, he will love his wife even if she does not respect him. If a wife is filled with the Spirit, she will respect her husband even if he does not show love to her. Christ and the church He loved and for whom He gave Himself are an example for a husband and wife to love and respect one another.
1. Who does Paul tell us we should follow (or imitate)? __________   Ephesians 5:___
2. The wrath of God comes upon the children of __________.   Ephesians 5:___
3. A believer is light in the Lord, so let us remember to walk as children of __________.   Ephesians 5:___
4. What should a wife do for her husband, which is the same as she should do to the Lord? __________   Ephesians 5:___
5. Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. A husband needs to __________ his wife and to give himself to serve her just as Christ has done for the church.   Ephesians 5:___