Mesobaite (Hebrew #4677)

1 Chronicles
11:47  Eliel
'Eliy'el (Hebrew #447)
God of (his) God; Eliel, the name of nine Israelites
KJV usage: Eliel.
Pronounce: el-ee-ale'
Origin: from 410 repeated
, and Obed
`Owbed (Hebrew #5744)
serving; Obed, the name of five Israelites
KJV usage: Obed.
Pronounce: o-bade'
Origin: active participle of 5647
, and Jasiel
Ya`asiy'el (Hebrew #3300)
made of God; Jaasiel, an Israelite
KJV usage: Jaasiel, Jasiel.
Pronounce: yah-as-ee-ale'
Origin: from 6213 and 410
the Mesobaite
Mtsobayah (Hebrew #4677)
found of Jah; Metsobajah, a place in Palestine
KJV usage: Mesobaite.
Pronounce: mets-o-baw-yaw'
Origin: apparently from 4672 and 3050