force (Hebrew #153)

4:23   Now
'edayin (Hebrew #116)
then (of time)
KJV usage: now, that time, then.
Pronounce: ed-ah'-yin
Origin: (Aramaic) of uncertain derivation
diy (Hebrew #1768)
that, used as relative conjunction, and especially (with a preposition) in adverbial phrases; also as preposition of
KJV usage: X as, but, for(-asmuch +), + now, of, seeing, than, that, therefore, until, + what (-soever), when, which, whom, whose.
Pronounce: dee
Origin: (Aramaic) apparently for 1668
min (Hebrew #4481)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 4480
KJV usage: according, after, + because, + before, by, for, from, X him, X more than, (out) of, part, since, X these, to, upon, + when.
Pronounce: min
the copy
parshegen (Hebrew #6573)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 6572
KJV usage: copy.
Pronounce: par-sheh'-ghen
of king
melek (Hebrew #4430)
a king
KJV usage: king, royal.
Pronounce: meh'-lek
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 4428
'Artachshashta' (Hebrew #783)
or by permutation gArtachshactu {ar-takh-shast'}; of foreign origin; Artachshasta (or Artaxerxes), a title (rather than name) of several Persian kings
KJV usage: Artaxerxes.
Pronounce: ar-takh-shash-taw'
Origin: or mArtachshasht {ar-takh- shasht'}
nishtvan (Hebrew #5407)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 5406
KJV usage: letter.
Pronounce: nish-tev-awn'
was read
qra' (Hebrew #7123)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 7121
KJV usage: call, cry, read.
Pronounce: ker-aw'
qodam (Hebrew #6925)
corresponding to 6924; before
KJV usage: before, X from, X I (thought), X me, + of, X it pleased, presence.
Pronounce: kod-awm'
Origin: (Aramaic) or qdam (Aramaic) (Daniel 7:l3) {ked-awm'}
Rchuwm (Hebrew #7348)
Rechum, the name of a Persian and of three Israelites
KJV usage: Rehum.
Pronounce: rekh-oom'
Origin: a form of 7349
, and Shimshai
Shimshay (Hebrew #8124)
sunny; Shimshai, a Samaritan
KJV usage: Shimshai.
Pronounce: shim-shah'-ee
Origin: (Aramaic) from 8122
the scribe
capher (Hebrew #5613)
a scribe (secular or sacred)
KJV usage: scribe.
Pronounce: saw-fare'
Origin: (Aramaic) from the same as 5609
, and their companions
knath (Hebrew #3675)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 3674
KJV usage: companion.
Pronounce: ken-awth'
, they went up
'azal (Hebrew #236)
to depart
KJV usage: go (up).
Pronounce: az-al'
Origin: (Aramaic) the same as 235
in haste
bhiyluw (Hebrew #924)
a hurry; only adverb, hastily
KJV usage: in haste.
Pronounce: be-hee-loo'
Origin: (Aramaic) from 927
to Jerusalem
Yruwshalem (Hebrew #3390)
corresponding to 3389
KJV usage: Jerusalem
Pronounce: yer-oo-shaw-lame'
Origin: (Chaldee) yer-oo-shaw-lame
`al (Hebrew #5922)
(Aramaic) corresponding to 5921
KJV usage: about, against, concerning, for, (there-)fore, from, in, X more, of, (there-, up-)on, (in-)to, + why with.
Pronounce: al
the Jews
Yhuwda'iy (Hebrew #3062)
a Jehudaite (or Judaite), i.e. Jew
KJV usage: Jew.
Pronounce: yeh-hoo-daw-ee'
Origin: (Aramaic) patrial from 3061
, and made them
himmow (Hebrew #1994)
corresponding to 1992; they
KJV usage: X are, them, those.
Pronounce: him-mo'
Origin: (Aramaic) or (prolonged) himmown (Aramaic) {him- mone'}
to cease
btel (Hebrew #989)
to stop
KJV usage: (cause, make to), cease, hinder.
Pronounce: bet-ale'
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 988
by force
'edra` (Hebrew #153)
an arm, i.e. (figuratively) power
KJV usage: force.
Pronounce: ed-raw'
Origin: (Aramaic) an orthographical variation for 1872
and power
chayil (Hebrew #2429)
an army, or strength
KJV usage: aloud, army, X most (mighty), power.
Pronounce: khah'-yil
Origin: (Aramaic) corresponding to 2428