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Psalm 12

Psa. 12:6 KJV (With Strong’s)

The words
'imrah (Hebrew #565)
feminine of 561, and meaning the same
KJV usage: commandment, speech, word.
Pronounce: im-raw'
Origin: or memrah {em-raw'}
of the Lord
Yhovah (Hebrew #3068)
(the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God
KJV usage: Jehovah, the Lord. Compare 3050, 3069.
Pronounce: yeh-ho-vaw'
Origin: from 1961
areg pure
tahowr (Hebrew #2889)
from 2891; pure (in a physical, chemical, ceremonial or moral sense)
KJV usage: clean, fair, pure(-ness).
Pronounce: taw-hore'
Origin: or tahor {taw-hore'}
'imrah (Hebrew #565)
feminine of 561, and meaning the same
KJV usage: commandment, speech, word.
Pronounce: im-raw'
Origin: or memrah {em-raw'}
: as silver
keceph (Hebrew #3701)
silver (from its pale color); by implication, money
KJV usage: money, price, silver(-ling).
Pronounce: keh'-sef
Origin: from 3700
tsaraph (Hebrew #6884)
to fuse (metal), i.e. refine (literally or figuratively)
KJV usage: cast, (re-)fine(-er), founder, goldsmith, melt, pure, purge away, try.
Pronounce: tsaw-raf'
Origin: a primitive root
in a furnace
`aliyl (Hebrew #5948)
probably a crucible (as working over the metal)
KJV usage: furnace.
Pronounce: al-eel'
Origin: from 5953 in the sense of completing
of earth
'erets (Hebrew #776)
the earth (at large, or partitively a land)
KJV usage: X common, country, earth, field, ground, land, X natins, way, + wilderness, world.
Pronounce: eh'-rets
Origin: from an unused root probably meaning to be firm
, purified
zaqaq (Hebrew #2212)
to strain, (figuratively) extract, clarify
KJV usage: fine, pour down, purge, purify, refine.
Pronounce: zaw-kak'
Origin: a primitive root
seven times
shib`athayim (Hebrew #7659)
seven- times
KJV usage: seven(-fold, times).
Pronounce: shib-aw-thah'-yim
Origin: dual (adverbially) of 7651

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Ministry on This Verse

 The words of Jehovah are pure words; they prove all that is in man, but they may be thoroughly relied on as genuine. He will hold good in holiness, but make good in power all that His mouth hath uttered. Our wisdom is to hold fast by the word of the Lord, come what will. Outward trials are but instruments of purification and of trying the heart as to faith. The word is the test of all for the soul, the inward measure of its condition before God, and the infallible ground of confidence. (Practical Reflections on the Psalms: Psalms 12-15 by J.N. Darby)
 In contrast to the vain, flattering and boastful words of men, the godly have the pure words of the Lord in which there is no admixture of dross. (Psalms 12 by H. Smith)

J. N. Darby Translation

The words of Jehovah are pure wordsl, silver tried in the furnace of earth, purified seven times.

JND Translation Notes

Imrah. see Ps. 119.11.