Concise Bible Dictionary [Hardback]

Concise Bible Dictionary by George A. Morrish
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About This Product

Convenient, thought-provoking and reliable, the Concise Bible Dictionary provides an excellent companion to the essential daily study of God’s Word. Its superb breadth of nearly 5,000 articles allows you to find at least an introduction to virtually any subject. For example, you will get touching insights into the Lord’s sufferings by considering the pelican referred to in Psalm 102 or a word to the conscience from mortar.

You will discover short surveys of the book of the Bible, the doctrines of Christianity, outlines of prophecy, chronological tables and helpful maps. As its name suggests, the entries are short, clear and to the point. You will find a fountain of helpful instruction for your soul.

You won’t find everything you want here. But then no work could really do that. Currently the illustrations are quite helpful but could afford to be modernized. Still it’s hard to think of another Bible study help that provides such concise and useful information. Each article is short enough to read in a few minutes and provoke thought for many more.

a. The Doctrines of Christianity as set forth in Scripture.
b. The Dispensational Dealings of God as revealed in His Word.
c. An outline of Prophecy.
d. The Old Testament Feasts and Offerings with their New Testament anti-types.
e. Identification of Persons and Places.
f. Informative Chronological Tables and Maps.
g. A study of some key New Testament Synonyms.