Permissions & Submissions


We want to see God’s truth go out to all men. In keeping with this desire, we do not copyright any of our own publications. However, we distribute many items which are not our own publications, and they may be copyrighted. Also, many of the images used in our publications have been purchased from image services, and we are not allowed to make them available to others to use. If you see an item that you want to reproduce, let us know. If we have the right to let you use it, we normally do so. If we do not, we will let you know who has the rights to the item. If the text of the item is in the “public domain” and anyone can use it, we will let you know.


We do not solicit manuscripts for publication. We are a small organization and our plate is full keeping available the items we publish. We do accept for consideration true stories and articles for Echoes of Grace and Messages of God’s Love. However, in keeping with being a charity and distributing at the lowest cost we can, we do not pay for items used.