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No Christian has a more important job than listening to God speak through His Word. We want to help make that as easy for you as possible. You will find free Bibles for prisoners, inexpensive New Testaments, sturdy, low-cost “pew” Bibles and free King James Version (KJV) online Bible. Also available are excellent genuine leather Bibles with high-quality, flexible Highland goatskin with leather-linings, gold filets and top quality concordances. In fact, Bible binding materials in order of increasing quality are: paper, kivar, hardback, imitation leather, vinyl, French morocco, bonded leather, Berkshire leather, calfskin and morocco (including Highland and Kashmir goatskin).

We also do our best to help you find an exact match to your beloved old Bible by clearly marking the style of the Bible, such as Cambridge Cameo or Oxford Long Primer.

We’d love your feedback. If you have any suggestions for ways we can serve you better, we’d like to hear about it. Feel free to send your ideas for new tract messages as well. Please write to with your helpful thoughts.