For Wholesalers

This application is for Trade Customers (Wholesalers)—customers who buy for the purpose of reselling.

We are a nonprofit corporation. Our purpose is not to make money. We wish we could give away all we produce without charge. We cannot. For those who can pay we charge, and for those who cannot we give what we can. To you who have the expenses of reselling, we give discounts.

We offer two discounts: a 40% discount and a 20% discount. We offer them to help you pay your expenses and for some of you to make your living. The 40% discount is for those who depend, at least in part, on their sales for their livelihood or who employ others. The 20% discount is our way of helping those who serve others by a home or assembly book table and so have expenses for shipping, book displays, etc.

While the price you charge for any item is your choice, we do not offer a discount so that those who can pay pay less than others by buying from you. In other words, the purpose of the discounts is not a “pass on the savings” plan. (For you to take a 40% discount so that you can sell at a discount to those who can pay the “retail” price reduces what we have available to give to those in third world countries who cannot pay.)

In light of what we have said, you choose the discount that applies to you. We do not regulate your choice. You stand in your work as a servant of God, and to Him we must all give account.

To download a PDF file of the application form, click here:

Trade Discount Application

You may send us the following information by mail, fax or email:

Store Name:
Attention Name:
P.O. Box:
Postal Code:

Please include long distance codes plus the country code on the phone and fax numbers if outside the United States and Canada.

I qualify for a (check one):40% discount 20% discount

Note on 40% discount: We give 40% only on items we publish. We give 20% on items we purchase from others to resell.

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