Opened Treasures [Paperback]

Opened Treasures by Frances Ridley Havergal
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A choice meditation for every day of the year by the "sweet singer" of England.

Table of Contents


2.Frances Ridley Havergal

3.January 1: A Leader You Can Trust

4.January 2: A Purposeful Pressure

5.January 3: Is Your Heart in It?

6.January 4: Let the Lord Do

7.January 5: Drop It - Or Use It

8.January 6: Reflecting or Rejecting

9.January 7: Treasures Already Coined

10.January 8: Why Service Is Reasonable

11.January 9: God - Christ - You

12.January 10: Old Age No Barrier

13.January 11: Christ's Will

14.January 12: Make It Personal

15.January 13: Be Filled

16.January 14: Upheld by God's Power

17.January 15: Debtors to Mercy Alone

18.January 16: Even You Are a Messenger

19.January 17: A Fixed Gaze Makes a Sure Step

20.January 18: He Said He Would

21.January 19: His Place by Right

22.January 20: First Things First

23.January 21: God's Side the Bright Side

24.January 22: "And"

25.January 23: He Speaks to You

26.January 24: Unknown Paths Are Clear to Him

27.January 25: What Is His Is Ours

28.January 26: Do You Need More Proof?

29.January 27: When God Meets Our Substitute

30.January 28: Enjoying God's Joys

31.January 29: Fill Your Mind With Him

32.January 30: A "Limitless Fold" Return

33.January 31: Look Full in His Wonderful Face

34.February 1: Christ "Is" the Answer

35.February 2: Now and Afterward

36.February 3: Let God Guide Your Spending

37.February 4: Filled to Overflowing

38.February 5: Life and "Lips" for the Master

39.February 6: Not Spired but Inspired

40.February 7: Manifold Pleasures Unending

41.February 8: Disguised Sweetness

42.February 9: Are You Pleasing God?

43.February 10: An Ideal Friend

44.February 11: Redeemed Separated Confirmed

45.February 12: First Learn Then Tell

46.February 13: You - A Purchased Possession

47.February 14: Altogether Lovely

48.February 15: Instruments for God's Use

49.February 16: God Waits to Speak to You

50.February 17: Freed From Law Bound by Love

51.February 18: Drawn by Irresistible Love

52.February 19: God's Immutable Word

53.February 20: Whatever Your "This" May Be

54.February 21: God's Sufficiency More Than Adequate

55.February 22: Temptation Defeated

56.February 23: All for Jesus

57.February 24: Great Gladness in Whatsoever You Do

58.February 25: Righteous Alone in Him

59.February 26: He Was Led Not Gently

60.February 27: "Wonder Working Power in the Blood"

61.February 28: Satisfied

62.February 29: Signed and Sealed

63.March 1: Opportunities Gone Forever

64.March 2: Not Your Own

65.March 3: Beyond Our Imagination!

66.March 4: Cleaving

67.March 5: A Sure Keeper

68.March 6: Our Surety

69.March 7: The Tie That Binds

70.March 8: Holiness - Confidence - Joy

71.March 9: Come and See

72.March 10: Not for Time but for Eternity

73.March 11: The King Needs You

74.March 12: Consideration

75.March 13: "In Them"

76.March 14: Banners Unfurled

77.March 15: The Way to Prosperity

78.March 16: Take Him at His Word

79.March 17: Love That Moves

80.March 18: His Eternity for Thee

81.March 19: Continually Clean

82.March 20: How to Fill an Aching Void

83.March 21: Sevenfold Justification

84.March 22: The Key to God's Treasure House

85.March 23: Words Which Work

86.March 24: Kept for the Master's Use

87.March 25: A Race to Run

88.March 26: When Duty Becomes Pleasure

89.March 27: Everything for You!

90.March 28: No Withholdings

91.March 29: My God and I

92.March 30: Faithfulness

93.March 31: Ready to Do What Is Most Needed

94.April 1: Safe All the Way

95.April 2: Where Are Your Sins?

96.April 3: His Hands for You

97.April 4: Enough and More

98.April 5: An Established Heart

99.April 6: Confidence in God

100.April 7: Eternal Security

101.April 8: By Submission or by Force

102.April 9: He Listens Patiently

103.April 10: Count Your Blessings Forget not All His benefits. Psalm 103:2

104.April 11: The Splendor of His Will

105.April 12: A Look That Transforms

106.April 13: In Step With the Master

107.April 14: Make an Appointment to See Him

108.April 15: Making Another's Day Brighter

109.April 16: Give Him the Key

110.April 17: Pleased to Please

111.April 18: Help of the Helpless

112.April 19: A Promised Promise

113.April 20: Our Sovereign Savior

114.April 21: Unto Him

115.April 22: More Love to Thee

116.April 23: Oracles of God

117.April 24: When Weak Then Strong

118.April 25: Actions Speak Loud

119.April 26: "I Will Forgive but I Can't Forget!"

120.April 27: A Channel for God's Power

121.April 28: A Sweet Savor of Christ

122.April 29: A Mind at Perfect Peace With God

123.April 30: His Throne by Right

124.May 1: God's Will Energized by Love

125.May 2: Increasing Joy

126.May 3: On "Falling"

127.May 4: Moments for Eternity

128.May 5: Not of Ourselves

129.May 6: Influence of the King

130.May 7: Purging Must Come

131.May 8: Thine, Lord

132.May 9: His Heart for Thee

133.May 10: No Convenient Season

134.May 11: You Are Never Forgotten

135.May 12: Royal Bounty

136.May 13: He Giveth and Giveth and Giveth

137.May 14: Confession Is Good for the Soul

138.May 15: Tidings Make the Feet

139.May 16: A Shared Sorrow

140.May 17: Willingness - The Secret of Knowing

141.May 18: He Is King! … Is He Yours?

142.May 19: Superabounding Compensation

143.May 20: No Retirement From His Service

144.May 21: Christ Jesus Saves From Sin and Sins

145.May 22: God's Treasure House Is Ours

146.May 23: Giving What Was Given

147.May 24: He Did What He Came to Do

148.May 25: A Present Yield

149.May 26: Free and Clear

150.May 27: Forever Satisfied

151.May 28: Christ in You Day and Night

152.May 29: Possessing the Treasure of Treasures

153.May 30: Silence Is Golden

154.May 31: Our Great High Priest

155.June 1: When I Observed I Wondered

156.June 2: Wonderful Companion

157.June 3: Savior or Judge?

158.June 4: As Prayers Go Up Blessings Come Down

159.June 5: Undivided Attention

160.June 6: Now or Never

161.June 7: Giving Determines Value

162.June 8: We See Jesus

163.June 9: Where No Anxiety Exists

164.June 10: The Unkept Pledge

165.June 11: Not Promised but Given

166.June 12: Too Weak to Speak

167.June 13: Unspoiled Among the Spoiled

168.June 14: Treasures Rare Await You

169.June 15: The Way of Escape

170.June 16: The Magnet of Love

171.June 17: Love So Amazing

172.June 18: Dressed in Beauty Not Our Own

173.June 19: The Touch of His Hand

174.June 20: Magnificently Precious

175.June 21: He Dines With Us

176.June 22: Put Your Case in Your Father's Hand

177.June 23: Signed - Sealed - Held - Confirmed

178.June 24: Thank Him for the Gift

179.June 25: Cherished and Pillowed to Rest

180.June 26: This Same Jesus

181.June 27: Ourselves Established

182.June 28: Our Lips for Him

183.June 29: His Feet for You

184.June 30: The Less Includes the Greater

185.July 1: Precious Possession

186.July 2: Only for Jesus

187.July 3: The Old Way the Only Way

188.July 4: The Searcher of Hearts

189.July 5: Running or Reeling

190.July 6: Four Results of Justification

191.July 7: Is He Yours?

192.July 8: From Faith to Faith

193.July 9: The Proper Answer

194.July 10: A Blessed Necessity

195.July 11: It's All Different Now!

196.July 12: Which Shall It Be?

197.July 13: Reflecting Light

198.July 14: The King Knows

199.July 15: All Things Are Ready

200.July 16: Is Royal Likeness Recognizable?

201.July 17: A Magnificent Glimpse of Joy

202.July 18: Divine Reason for Divine Doings

203.July 19: Our Ever

204.July 20: He Remembers … Shall We?

205.July 21: Rest Glorious and Real

206.July 22: Prepared for His Appointments

207.July 23: Where There's Life There's Renewing

208.July 24: This Day

209.July 25: The Adequacy of Christ

210.July 26: Going and Growing

211.July 27: Perpetual Cleansing

212.July 28: The Only Alternative

213.July 29: God's Doing and Not Ours

214.July 30: Who Is Your Master?

215.July 31: Royal Grace

216.August 1: A Little "Want" Hinders Much Freedom

217.August 2: Transcendent Satisfaction

218.August 3: For Our Sakes

219.August 4: By Him - To Him - In Him - For Him

220.August 5: "Come" … "Now"

221.August 6: Justice and Mercy From God's Love

222.August 7: Promises in Present Experience

223.August 8: Better First Than Last

224.August 9: Christ Must Be Everything

225.August 10: Do You Want the Blessing?

226.August 11: The Royal Invitation

227.August 12: Aged Through Suffering

228.August 13: A Vista of Brightness

229.August 14: God Moves in Mysterious Ways

230August 15: Drink and Live

231.August 16: Not a Shadow - But Himself

232.August 17: Why Not Yield to It?

233.August 18: What Shall the Harvest Be?

234.August 19: Without Excuse

235.August 20: Life or Death?

236.August 21: When Silence Is Negative

237.August 22: Imputed Beauty

238.August 23: "Lord, Show Me Myself"

239.August 24: Continual and Consistent Care

240.August 25: Christ First; Others Second; Me Last

241.August 26: Claim the Promises

242.August 27: Tongues - A Mighty Influence

243.August 28: Hands - A Mighty Mechanism

244.August 29: Exceeding Sorrowful … Exceeding Glad

245.August 30: Would You Welcome the King Now?

246.August 31: A Good Argument

247.September 1: Mutual Acceptation

248.September 2: Hands Reveal the Heart

249.September 3: Joy Inward and Upward

250.September 4: A Firm Grasp and a Full Reception

251.September 5: Our Lips for Fruitful Praise

252.September 6: Sanctified - Energized - Strengthened

253.September 7: Clean Hands at the Table

254.September 8: Royal Servants

255.September 9: Retreat Means Defeat

256.September 10: The Warning of a Silent Heaven

257.September 11: Misunderstood?

258.September 12: The Earnest of Things to Come

259.September 13: Trusting

260.September 14: Who Can Be Against Us?

261.September 15: Royal Partnership

262.September 16: Enthrone Him Whose Right It Is

263.September 17: "Whatsoever Ye Do"

264.September 18: Strong Consolation

265.September 19: Our Royal High Priest

266.September 20: Shielded From the Enemy

267.September 21: Useless or Useful Occupation

268.September 22: All Things Now Ready

269.September 23: Tested Trust

270.September 24: A Promise to Meet Every Fear

271.September 25: Rest Assured

272.September 26: Wait for His Royal Response

273.September 27: You Could Be Mistaken

274.September 28: A Safe Way on the Pathless Sea

275.September 29: What's His Is Ours

276.September 30: The "Least" Is Not Forgotten

277.October 1: Self Subdued

278.October 2: "Most Blessed Forever"

279.October 3: "Come" Means Come

280.October 4: Specially Tender - Specially Precious

281.October 5: Kept Continually

282.October 6: Promised Therefore Sure

283.October 7: A Voice Continually Calling

284.October 8: Let Him Use What You Have

285.October 9: God Trusted Him! Can You Do Less?

286.October 10: Tenderly Delivered

287.October 11: The Saviour

288.October 12: His Heart Set on Us

289.October 13: From Everywhere for Everything

290.October 14: A Planned and Purposed Salvation

291.October 15: Doubly Sealed

292.October 16: Real Rest Found in Christ

293.October 17: Words Are Limitless


October 18: The Alarming Alternative

295.October 19: God Engages the Heart

296.October 20: Kept From to Be Kept For

297.October 21: Unbelief Opens the Way to Darkness

298.October 22: The Burden Only Christ Can Lift

299.October 23: Our Feet for Him

300.October 24: Haste Is Not Waste

301.October 25: Heart

302.October 26: Infinite God … and Yet Mine

303.October 27: Unquenchable Love

304.October 28: Redeem the Time

305.October 29: "Only" and "Ever" His

306.October 30: God's Will for You

307.October 31: "Come" and "Believe"

308.November 1: All Things Not Expedient

309.November 2: No Wanting in Heaven

310.November 3: King of Your Life

311.November 4: No Half Measures

312.November 5: Enlarged Capabilities

313.November 6: A Living Commentary

314.November 7: His Desired Desire

315.November 8: My Lord and I

316.November 9: Formed for His Glory Forever

317.November 10: Lifted by Way of Remembrance

318.November 11: A Mind at Perfect Peace

319.November 12: Speak Just a Word

320.November 13: The Lamb the King

321.November 14: Cleaving With Purpose

322.November 15: Words That Pay

323.November 16: No Cleansing Without Confession

324.November 17: Infinite Mind Thinking on Us

325.November 18: First of All

326.November 19: Beyond Our Ken but Not Our Spirit

327.November 20: Poor Within Reach of Treasures

328.November 21: Humbling Blessedness

329.November 22: Inherit the Kingdom?

330.November 23: Gradually or Decisively?

331.November 24: His Personal Possession Ours

332.November 25: Fullness of Pleasure

333.November 26: The Power of God's Will

334.November 27: The Power of the King's Word

335.November 28: Hearts Aflame

336.November 29: Unlimited Grace

337.November 30: The Mouth Betrays the Heart

338.December 1: Lives Taken and Kept

339.December 2: Too Feeble to Grope

340.December 3: All for Me

341.December 4: Love

342.December 5: Love Indeed

343.December 6: Now Is the Only Time to Suffer

344.December 7: Remember

345.December 8: Delight of Self

346.December 9: Dwelling and Working

347.December 10: Ignorance and Knowledge

348.December 11: Drawn by Love

349.December 12: Lasting Joy

350.December 13: As the Tree Falls, So It Lies

351.December 14: Our Royal Substitute

352.December 15: Words With Weight

353.December 16: Joy in Serving

354.December 17: Giving Must Cost

355.December 18: A Safeguard From Temptation

356.December 19: Remarkable and Far

357.December 20: "Afterward" - Now and Always

358.December 21: A Higher Motive

359.December 22: Our Invincible Defender

360.December 23: Tenderness

361.December 24: Simple Trust for Infinite Rest

362.December 25: Wonderful

363.December 26: We Thy Bone and Thy Flesh

364.December 27: On Giving

365.December 28: Hearts Filled and Fixed

366.December 29: Pledge Allegiance

367.December 30: A Channel for Boundless Love

368.December 31: Silent Nearness

369.Advent Song