Today’s featured head coverings and more

Find head coverings; help for sore eyes; poetry

Free large-print reading material and poetry

  1. BTP LibraryIt’s not large-print per se, but you can make the type as large as you want by pressing the Ctrl key (Cmd key on a Mac) and the + key at the same time. Repeat until the type is as large as you’d like.
  2. Poetry Collection

Specialty Items for You

We know it is pretty difficult to find appropriate and convenient head coverings. Currently there are several hard-working sisters who provide our quality selection of lace, color and style you’ll find online. We certainly appreciate their effort and craftsmanship and think you will too.

Some of us struggle with eye-strain while reading that tiny type in little pocket or economy editions. We’ve tried to make your life easier by collecting all our Bible Teaching titles and Stories and Biographies titles with larger, easier-to-read print in our large-print list.

Poetry seems to have fallen from favor in our modern world. But many still appreciate its rich expression of divine truth and delight to share it with others. We think you too will enjoy having easy access to poetry leaflet packets, poetry collections, and hymns.

We would love to hear your response and constructive criticism. “Rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee” (Proverbs 9:8). We will always have more to do and correct. Please write to with your helpful thoughts."